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A Network of Public Libraries in ChandigarhFriday May 24, 2024 GMT
Chandigarh Public Library System

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Chandigarh is a Union Territory of India and is also capital of two states, Punjab and Haryana. The name has been derived from 'The Fort of Chandi (a Hindu goddess)'. Long before th city was developed there existed an ancient temple called 'Chandi Mandir' (it still exists). So the city was named Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is the Ist planned city of India and has the highest rate of literacy and per capita income. The master plan was prepared by an American architect-planner Albert Mayer with the help of Polish architect Mathew Norwicki. Later the major contributor was Le Corbusier, a Swiss born French architect in 1950s.

After the formation of Pakistan and patition of India the bordering state Punjab lost its capital Lahore. Their was immediate requirement for a new city that can take the place of Lahore. So the development work of Chandigarh started. On Ist November 1966, Haryana was carved out of Punjab and Chandigarh was made common capital of both the states and was designated as a Union Territory.

From the very beginning Chandigarh has been a very advanced city. With very high rate of literacy it has been a hub or art, culture and education. Its library system reflects the spirit. The system has developed along with the city and its inhabitants.

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