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A Network of Public Libraries in HaryanaMonday April 15, 2024 GMT
Haryana Public Library System

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About HPLS

Haryana is a prosperous state in North India. It shares its capital Chandigarh, a UT (Union Territory) with Punjab. It is surounded by Punjab and Himachal in North, Rajasthan in the West and South and the river Yamuna defines its eastern boundaries with Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh.. It surrounds the national capital Delhi on three sides. The region has been cradle to the one of the earliest civilizations in the area i.e. Indus Valley. Vedic Civilization flourished on the banks of the now extinct river Saraswati. Many decisive battles were fought in the area, which shaped much of the history of India.

Haryana state was formed on 1st November 1966. On 23rd September 1965 a committee was formed by Parliament called Sardar Hukam Singh Parliamentary Committee. The committee recommended the formation of a separate state Haryana based on the language spoken by the majority of people residing in the area. Acting on the recommendation of the committee, the Indian government set up a commission called Shaw Commission under the chairmanship of Justice J.C. Shaw. The commission was assigned the task of drafting a plan for carving out a state of Haryana out of the existing Punjab. It submitted its report on 31st May 1966 and based of the report the state was formed with 7 districts. The commission had recommended the inclusion of Kharar tehsil including chandigarh into Haryana. But chandigarh was made Union Territory and is now serving as capital of Punjab and Haryana states.

The state has 20 districts, 20 district libraries and one state central library. The State Central Library is located at Ambala Cantt. and it is the technical head office of the district library system. The administrative head quarters are at DPI(C) Chandigarh.

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