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A Network of Foreign Public Libraries in IndiaFriday July 10, 2020 GMT
Foreign Public Library System

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The Japan Foundation Libraries

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The library system is funded and maintained by the Government of Japan. For this purpose The Japan Foundation (Kokusai Koryu Kikin) was established in 1972 as a "non-profit, special legal entity by special legislation in the Japanese Diet." It became an Independent Administrative Institution on Ist Oct. 2003 under the 'Independent Administrative Institution Japan Foundation Law'. It has the distinction of being the first organization that specilizes in international cultural exchange in Japan.

The foundation is headquartered at Tokyo with 22 offices in 21 countries. It also has a branch office in Kyoto and two Japanese-language institutes in Urawa and Kansai. The foundation maintains world class libraries at these locations.

Library List

Tokyo, Japan | Urawa, Japan | Osaka, Japan | Toronto, Canada | New York, USA | Los Angeles, USA | Mexico | Sao Paulo, Brazil | Rome, Italy | Deutschland, Germany | Paris, France | London, UK | Madrid, Spain | Budapest, Hungary | Moscow, Russia | Cairo, Egypt | Seoul, Korea | Beijing, China | Jakarta, Indonesia | Bangkok, Thailand | Manila, Philippines | Hanoi, Vietnam | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | New Delhi, India | Sidney, Australia

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