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A Network of Public Libraries in PunjabMonday February 26, 2024 GMT
Punjab Public Library System

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The libraries offer their services through membership to its users. The members come from different stratas of society.These include students, farmers, researchers, servicemen, businessmen and housewifes. This diversity in the nature of members always poses a challenge for the libraries but these are very efficiently catering to all their needs. The membership is goverened by same set of rules and regulations in all the libraries of the system. The forms used for the purpose are also the same.

The eligibility for membership is as follows.

  1. The user should be resident of the District, or
  2. He/she should be working in some public sector organization in the District.

  • Security

  • The library services are free for the public, however the user has to deposit a security amount, which is refundable at the time of withdrawl of membership. The security is as under:

    	For General Public 	=Rs.500
    	For Govt.Employees 	=Rs.250
  • Renewal

  • The membership is for a limited period. Generally, the students who get their membership forms attested from their respective principals are offered membership for one session only.The general public with MCs/Sarpanches as their guranters get their membership for a period ranging upto the 31st Dec. of next year.

    Note: It is the responsibility of the members to get their membership renewed before the expiry date. After one month of the expiry date the security will lapse and no request for refund of the same will be entertained.

  • Membership/Renewal Forms

  • The membership and renewal forms can be obtained either personaly from the concerned library office on any working day during office hours or can be downloaded from this website.
    To download the forms click below:

    1. Membership Form (pdf, 22 KB)
    2. Renewal Form (pdf, 20 KB)

    1. The applicant can use this form duly filled in to become a member of any library of the system.
    2. He has to attach xerox copy of residence proof such as passport, ration card, driving license and two passport size photographs.
    3. The applicant should get attestation in the application at the appropriate column from MC / Sarpanch of his locality - in case of general public, from a competent authority with DDO powers - in case of Govt. employee or from the headmaster / principal / HOD - in case of students.

  • Important

    1. The security is payable once only.
    2. The membership is for a limited period. It needs to be renewed from time to time before expiry date.
    3. Each member is issued a Membership Card.The user is responsible for the safe custody of the card. In case of loss a new card can be issued on the payment of Rs.10 along with an application for the same.
    4. The user can get his/her security refund from the library. For this He/she should give an application and deposit the membership card issued to him/her in the library.
    5. In case of any correspondence with the office the existing members should quote the member/card number.

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