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A Network of Public Libraries in PunjabMonday February 26, 2024 GMT
Punjab Public Library System

A room without books is like a body without a soul -- Marcus Tullius Cicero You are at home » rules


The services offered by all the libraries are governed by same set of rules and regulations. These rules and regulations are applicable in all the libraries with only very little local temporary variations. the extract of these rules is as under, however for any variations you can contact the concerned library. The rules are:

  1. Each user will be issued two books at a time for a period of two weeks.
  2. The librarian may on his/her discretion renew such a book as is not required in the library for other members.

    Reference books are meant for consultation inside the library premises only. These books won't be issued or allowed to be taken out from the library building under any circumstances.

  3. If a member keeps a book overtime fine will be charged from him/her at the rate of Rs.1/day.

    If a user is fined for three times continuously his/her membership will be cancelled permanently.

  4. A book damaged in any form or lost will have to be either replaced or paid for by the borrower.

    In case a member replaces a book he will have to deposit the latest edition of the book.
    In case he/she chooses to pay for the book he must pay the amount according to the latest edition of the book.

  • Downloads

  • To download the extract of library rules click:

    1. Word Format (MS Word, 25 KB)
    2. pdf Format (pdf, 23 KB)

The rules mentioned above may be amended from time to time as and when required by the concerned authorities. No challenge can be made in this regard.

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