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A Network of Public Libraries in PunjabSaturday July 13, 2024 GMT
Punjab Public Library System

A room without books is like a body without a soul -- Marcus Tullius Cicero You are at home » downloads


The forms used in the library system are in Punjabi language, written using Gurumukhi script. So these have been provided in PDF format, ready to be downloaded. These forms and the copies/extracts of rules and regulations are common for all the libraries of the system and are applicable in all the libraries. You may just take a print out, fill the forms as instructed and use them as and when required.

  • Membership Forms

  • To download the membership and renewal forms click the respective link:
    1. Membership Form (pdf, 22 KB)
    2. Renewal Form (pdf, 20 KB)
  • Library Rules

  • To download the copy of Library Rules click:
    1. Word format (MS Word, 91.5 KB)
    2. pdf (pdf, 71.3 KB)
  • Membership Rules

  • To download the copy of membership rules click:
    1. Word format (MS Word, 90.5 KB)
    2. pdf (pdf, 69.0 KB)
  • Delivery Of Books ACT, 1954

  • To download the extract of Delivery of Books & Newspapers Act click:
    1. Word format (MS Word, 30 KB)
    2. pdf (pdf, 22.7 KB)

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